Removeo - Medicine and liquid dosing device

Salofa Removeo


The Removeo medicine and liquid dosing device is intended to administer liquids and medicines dissolved in liquid to animals.

Removeo makes it easier to administer liquids and solutions to animals that may be reluctant to take them.

Each kit includes a concertina-shaped container (30 ml), dosing tip and suction tube.

The dosing device is easy to use
Attach the suction tube to the container.
Compress the container and insert the suction tube into the solution to be administered.
Now release the container slowly to allow the negative pressure to suck up the solution.
Attach the dosing tip to the container.
Insert the dosing tip into the side of the animal’s mouth, and then move it to the front.
Administer the solution by compressing the container.

More detailed instructions are provided inside the kit.