Salofa provides lateral flow rapid tests
using full automatic line production.

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Salofa terveydenhuollon ammattilaistuotteet

Reliable tools
for healthcare professionals


We provide high-quality and innovative solutions for healthcare professionals.

Our products include substance abuse and drug tests suitable for a variety of purposes, Covid-19 tests, and IVD products.

Our premises are located in Salo, Finland which provides fast and reliable delivery.


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Salofa kuluttajatuotteet

Salofa for help in your day-to-day life


Salofa's high-quality products are easy and safe to use. You can find our products in well-equipped pharmacies and shops.

BlueGreenTest® allows you to check for toxic blue-green algae in swimming waters or water used in saunas.

Removeo animal drug and liquid dispenser makes it easier to dispense liquids and solutions, even for animals that have difficulty receiving them.



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Covid-19 rapid test


Covid-19 rapid tests available

The high-quality rapid test is available. The test will also notify you if you have already suffered from corona. Employers can test all personnel and arrange orders with occupational health care. Ask for the price and delivery time of the test. The tests are for professional use only.

If you have any questions about our Covid-19 rapid test, please contact us

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Individually packaged BlueGreenTest®

Individually packed cyanobacteria tests are now also available. Due to its small size, the package is suitable for hikers, being easy to take with them.

Blue-green algae contains a cyanobacterial toxin, which cannot be detected with the naked eye. Salofa's BlueGreenTest® cyanobacteria test reveals easily and quickly whether swimming or sauna water contains blue-green algae toxins. It provides security for everyone staying near water.

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Valkoinen täti.

Quality comes first


Salofa Oy is a Finnish health technology company that manufactures high-quality and innovative healthcare solutions.

A critical factor in our field is the good availability and fast delivery times of specialized healthcare products. That is why, since 2014, we have been cherishing an operating model in which problems with production and delivery are prevented in time.  

We believe that in our field quality comes first. We demand only the best from ourselves and our partners. That's why we can provide high-quality products to healthcare professionals and consumers around the world.



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